I'm moving house in January, and I'm not sure how amazing my new neighbours will be about loud guitars.
I'm more than happy to shove my Marshall in my cupboard until its needed for shows or jams at other peoples houses and then use a V-Amp 2 with headphones for practice.
Easy as.

My problem is that I have a youtube channel that I really love making videos for and I don't want to use my V-Amp for my videos as its tones aren't ones that I want to show to the world.
Can any line outs on the Marshall head be run into my Macbook Pro's microphone input to record the signal and then have another line from the amp head for headphones? Or possibly just use the computers monitor functions if latency is not noticeable.

Or I could record all my videos somewhere else in bulk and upload them slowly over time.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Could a Rack mount Marshall be used as a Silent amp with the valve Marshall sound I love?

"if i were you I wouldn't fiddle with the feet etc. as that nullifies warranty but yeh, just get up in digitech's grill and demand they make you a custom whammy that is purple and gold and fires rockets when you bend +2 octaves"