This is a fully loaded RG2550E in Galaxy Black that has been my main 6-string for over a year now. The new RG2550's sell for £900 and are equipped with a crappy Edge Zero tremolo unlike the Edge Pro on this RG2550E.

The guitar is in immaculate condition, not a single ding or scratch, never left my smoke and pet-free home. Plays like a dream, action is under 2mm at 24th fret with no fret wear or buzz. Neck is super straight. Set up with 10's but I will re-string with 9's or 10's based on your preference.

Serial# F0725767 - made at the Fujigen factory, Japan, in 2007.

- Basswood body in Galaxy Black, 5 piece Wizard maple/walnut neck, 430mm radius rosewood fingerboard, jumbo frets
- Custom ordered smoked gray mirror pickguard
- Locking stud mod (original Edge pro studs will be included)
- DiMarzio Tone Zone and Air Norton pickups
- OTAX VLX91 super switch (for coil-tapped positions and to run neck pickup as serial and parallel)
- Team J Craft hardshell case (with all case candy, tags, tools)

The detailed customization/project log is available here: http://www.axemanrio.com/2008/05/custom-ibanez-rg2550-setup.html

High res pics - http://s157.photobucket.com/albums/t53/axemanrio/guitars/Ibanez-RG2550E/

Only serious buyers please. The price may seem high for some but I guarantee this guitar is better than any Ibanez Prestige you have played and is on par with some of the J Customs. Don't take my word, you are welcome to try before you buy. A lot of work went into making this guitar perfect, and I mean it when I say "perfect".

FUN FACT: If you google Ibanez RG2550E this guitar shows up first

Will drop price to £550 if you don't want the hardshell case, locking studs and VLX91 superswitch.

As far as trades, I'm looking for RG550's manufactured before 2002.
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Price drop to £550 including hard case, but with the following changes since many don't want to pay extra for quality upgrades, and keep comparing this guitar to beat-up RG2550's on eBay:

1. Locking studs replaced with original studs, but I've used teflon tape to ensure the stock studs don't move thereby providing ultimate tuning stability

2. Replaced TZ+AN pickups with stock DiMarzio/ibz neck pickup and RG20th bridge pickup

3. She will have another fret dress this weekend so she looks as new

Once again, the guitar is in excellent condition - not a scratch even on the reflective pickguard.

I've got 5 transactions under my belt here on UGC and 100's on eBay if you need references.
Gear: Ibanez, MusicMan, Mesa Boogie, Fractal Audio, RJM Music
I'm v. interested, but unfortunately won't have that sort of money till around Christmas.
If you don't have a sale by then PM me, but as for now have a free bump.