i just bought an Eko 12 string acoustic and im after some cool easy songs to learn that will sound good on a 12 string.

Also im trying to find out what year it is, the model number is J56. Ive tried looking for it and the best i can do is it looks very similar to the Ranger 12 string also made by Eko. If its any help its an Italian made guitar
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Early Stones albums - Beggar's Banquet, I think - has some great bluesey 12 string tunes by Keith. Also, look up Big Bill Broonzey and Blind Willie McTell for some superb 12 string blues by the originators. McTell is probably the best I have ever heard. For more modern stuff, John Fahey and Roger McGuin with the Byrds.

enjoy it.

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Ralph McTell stuff like Streets of London
Anything by America
Most Crosby, Stills, Nash (and Young)
Bob Dylan
Soft Beatles like Norwegian Wood, Michelle etc.
Quite a bit of Jethro Tull light songs like Songs From the Wood album or Moths from Heavy Horses (quite hard)
A lot of Marc Bolan/T-Rex
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Hope by rush
probably one of THE BEST 12 string songs ever
strange tuning, but not that hard
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