between a Fender Strat, tele, and a Les Paul, which guitar can pull off a PRS guitar tone better. I'd imagine the LP.

also, what are some characteristics of a PRS guitar.
you might wanna re-phrase whatever it is your actually asking. Its reads atm like you want a guitar that sounds like a PRS but not a PRS, expect you don't actually know what a PRS is like ...
Ibanez Artist Or Gibson SG. Basically you want something with humbuckers and mahogany body, but sounding a bit brighter than typical LP, that's how I see it. Artist has a maple neck so it sounds brighter while keeping the size of an usual LP, while SG has a bit thinner body so it has less lows and more highs.
It's backwards, this thread.

Prs guitars are made to sound like strats, tele's and pauls. So technically, all of them sound like a PRS. Depending on where you have the pup selector switch on the PRS anyway.

all that is assuming that you are not talking about the SE MIK models, which are just humbucker guitars and some soapbars.
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Simply put, no other guitar can sound like a PRS. End of the story.
That's one of the reasons that for them being so cherished by their users, that they have an absolutely unique sound.
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you could get in the same ballpark with any one of those guitars but you could never replicate the sounds. you will also only get half of the story with either a les paul or a strat because a prs does singlecoil and humbucker sounds.

if i had to describe a prs, i would say it is closest to a les paul but with less low end. it has more clarity and midrange than a les paul but less girth. it is a very balanced sound that is hard to go wrong with although their pitfall is that they will never sound as bright as a tele or as dark as a les paul.
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If you want the PRS sound...
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PRS sound like PRS. That is all.

Characteristics? They're beautiful and they play like buttered tits.

I do love butter!
Nothing sounds like a PRS except a PRS. No other guitar plays, sounds, or feels like a PRS. There's a reason for their price too, there in alot of demand, so price goes up. I bet that PRS replaces the Les Paul as the greatest guitar in history. Just as simple as that.