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Interesting how many of them talk of God and heaven.
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Interesting how many of them talk of God and heaven.

Yeah i was searching for the lols, but i gave up.
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Yes I do. I would like to say to my two brother-in-laws and the rest of my family that I would like to thank you for supporting me through all of this. I went home to be with my Father and I went home as a trooper. I would like to say to Damien's family I did not murder your son. I did not do it. I just want you to know that -- I did not murder Damien and would ask for all of your forgiveness and I will see all of you soon. I love you guys. I love you guys. That's it.

Some of these are extremely depressing...
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some of these are really sad... especially the ones when they claim that they did not do the crime.