Hey guys, this is my first post so im probably going to sound like a dumbass, whatever. Anyway, I just picked up a couple of seymour duncan gibson humbuckers, and im trying to install them in a guitar im building. Theres one thing im confused about, there is only one wire coming out of the pickups and i thought there was always supposed to be two so one could go to the pot and the other to the switch. Could anyone shed some light on this?

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I think if you strip off a bit of the plastic casing near the end of the wire you'll probably find there's actually fiver wires coming out of there?
I think that's usually the case with humbuckers anyway
there should be another wire 'inside' of the one you see.

the outer sheild is grounded, and the inner conductor is 'hot'.

if you take a cross-section of the wire, it should be something like:

-(possibly an outer insulation)

-braided sheild

- inner insulation

-inner conductor

..hopefully that make sense..
just pull the outer sheild back a bit/ strip it carefully, and you should see the other wire inside

edit: or yes, what the above poster said is possible, too.

just strip a bit of the outer insulation and see what you can find
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there is probly two wires inside it, (or more.)
pull some of the insulation off and see.
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