I havent done a thread on this song, but I recorded it about a month ago, it turned out pertty good in my opinion. But I would like some feedback on how it sounds. Before anyone points it out, the rythem guitar is supposed to sound harsh, but the lead isent. Its in Drop A# so that might account for the harshness.

But anyway, tell me what yall think. C4C as always if you leave me a link.

I think you put a lot of effort in contrasting different parts. I actually don't think the guitar sounds that harsh, however it would sound a lot better if you dub your rhythm track it, and pan one take left, and one take right. It creates more room for your lead, pan that in the middle, try it out you will instantly hear it.

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Cool riffs in there dude. lol first thing I notice is that you are using the same drum track as I am in my song if you give it a listen. That's very low, drop a#? Well you don't need a bass lol. That being said I do like the riffs, they are very beefy. The lead sounded good too, the solo bit was sweet just needed a bit more vibrato here and there. My only real criticism is that the tones are pretty tinny probably due to cheap pc mics? Apart from that Good work dude.


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i agree with yoy's comment on the tone, but other than that i like it. great riffs and melodies. a couple little lead bits sounded kinda sloppy, but maybe you just didnt feel like redoing them for only a couple notes lol. i know how that goes. and even though its very low, it doesnt sound overly muddy, and theres still good not definition.

crit mine?
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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Sorry about this being so late, school and work have been a little hectic..

Anyways, great song man. The riff and melodies fit great. The tone is alittle harsh but I think that's because of the single coils right? Humbuckers would fix that up.

Some of the transitions seemed awkward to me, like the rhythm changed too quick or offbeat sometimes.

But otherwise nice song man, great riffts.