Hi all i have a fernandes monterey elite, lovely guitar, not long had it. Anyway i was just about to start a gig the other day and my strap fell off, i thought no problem, i must get locking nuts, been meaning to get them for months lol, so i go to put the strap back on and notice my strap holder has come out of my guitar completely!

I tried to screw it back in as normal but its just going round and round. Luckily i had some strong black tape which did the job for the gig but it looks butt ugly. What do i need to do now? Its just not screwing back into the socket basically.............
you can fill the hole with a bit of wood glue and sawdust, let it dry, then re-screw it in,

or put a couple of toothpicks in the hole, break them off so they don't stick out (but the other half is still in the hole). the just screw it back in.

either way works fine, but toothpicks is much easier, depending on your resources
Insert a dowel or a bunch of toothpics and screw it back in.

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