Hey there im new here just bought an old acoustic guitar of my friend the other day at the mo im just trying to learn and memorise the different chords before i try anything new

speak to you soon
Hello. Welcome to UG. There's a New Memeber Thread where you can say "Hi" and find new people like yourself.

Be sure to read the Rules before you start posting. (Yeh, they're long but you need to know what you can't do... )

Also, there are many lessons on this site to help with all kinds of guitar playing, Check 'em out.
You can call me Aaron.

Out on parole, any more instances of plum text and I get put back in...
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Please don't spam the Newbie forum.


Adzter018, Visit the introduction thread biga29 linked to in his post.
It's stickied to the top of this forum.
Read what your fellow newbies have to say for themselves, greet them, post your own introduction.

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