I was wondering if it would be possible to use this string setup, 70,56,44,32,24,16 and tune way down to F#, so it wud basically be the lower end of an 8 string guitar. Would this work? or would it sound messy? cheers
i think you'd have to compensate the width of your saddle/nut to cater for it, but i don't see why not x
^To make it fit, you can unwind some of the string, leaving just the core to wrap around the head. Just make sure you don't unwind too much, and clip the unwinding.

But like people have said, you will need to alter width of the nut and saddle to accomadate such a big string.
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The 70 wouldn't fit in the machine head.

exactly this. i don't trust that unwinding some of the string thing. that sounds like you're just asking for a broken string, but i've never tried it so i don't know.
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I think Paul Gilbet used a 66 to make a low A on a six string.

This isn't too far from that, is it?

Edit: if TS if being serious about this and plans on staying in whatever this tuning is, why not swap one of the tuners out for something that would fit? Or would it end up pulling out of his guitar?
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Depending on how you like your tension it might be a bit too loose for your liking, i use a 70 at B, whereas i've found that a 76 is practically the minimum you would need, scale length depending of course.

Oh and as for unwinding the outer core, i have been doing it for a number of years and have never had a string snap. But yes the alternative is drilling out the tuning peg slightly.
I saw the title and got very nervous. Just go with what you like.
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In addition to what has been said about unwrapping the string and drilling the tuners, I have a few more things of note It would work, but be aware that many ERGs have a longer scale in addition to more strings. At least over on SevenString.org everyone always creams their pants when they hear about 26.5", 27.5", and 28" scales and such, and many production 8 strings, notably those from Rondo, have such baritone-esque scales. The low strings in particular often have more clarity because of this, and intonation is a bit improved. Just something to be aware of.

You might also run into intonation problems depending upon which bridge you have. I know that on many hardtail Fender-style 7 string bridges you have to actually remove the spring from the screw on the lowest saddle and move the saddle as far away from the neck as possible to get it to intonate remotely. If you have a tune-o-matic than you'd probably have to flip the saddle around to do this.

In short, it will work, but to what degree is up in the air because
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