As I'm new at the forum i just want to say hi to everybody.

Hi to everybody.

now thats done, lets get to the point:
Well the primary reason for registering here is to get some help, learning to play guitar.
I've been playing guitar for a little while, and decided to give fingerstyle a try.
I think it sounds beautiful, and it seems like more of a challenge than just strumming the chords.

i checked out some videos of Sungha Jung (you probably heard of him?), and this made me want to play fingerstyle even more!

anyway, to get an easy start i would like to know if there are any easy fingerstyle songs
you can recomend (with tabs), or some good resources for fingerstyle tabs.
Or any other information that may give me a gentler start in fingerpicking :P

one thing is I'm not very good with bar chords yet, but as i gotta practise them anyway it would be great if the songs included a couple of bar chords... just not any difficult switches between bar chords :P

also i would like to know if you would recommend me to buy a classic/spanish guitar?
i heard that classic guitars are better for fingerstyle, but not exactly why :P
so.. would you recomend me to get a classic guitar? and why?
I have a steel stringed western guitar(dont know the name), and an electric guitar (fender).

wow.. that was quite a lot :/

i hope you will take your time to answer my questions, or give me some suggestions for practicing songs

sorry for my bad english :/ i hope you are able to understand me though
Thanks in advance

Well for easy fingerpicking songs I know a couple easy ones so pm me so i can send it to you and dont forget that to check your messages you click MY PROFILE as I didnt know that.

What I did alot when starting fingerstyle was the Inside out method whch is you form a chord then strum 6th->1st->5th->2nd->4th->3rd->5th->2nd->6th->1st using your thumb to ring. I practiced this alot and I never found it difficult but LEARN TO DO WITHOUT LOOKING. It'd be pointles if you have to look at your plucking hand.

I would very much advice getting a classical if your going to explore fingerstyle. Sounds benign(dont know if I spelt that right) and no other way to play the classical.
wow thanks a lot for the answers
I'm gonna practice the "inside out" thingy, and take a look at Nothing else matters... ill see if i can find some tabs for it, but it would be great if you could help me out a little, as i find it hard to find tabs for fingerstyle...

keep the suggestions coming please