So when ever i go to my local music store and look at amps, they have a narrow selection it seems, but thats not the problem. All of the amps are generally combo style amps that have ump-teen effects built in. Im fine with a combo amp, but im looking for something very simple. All i really need is a amp that can crank good enough to be heard over a drum kit, and have a clean and overdrive channel. I have a slew of effects pedals anyhow.

TLDR Show me some very simple combo or stack style amps for under 400 that crank.

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I'm guessing US since the TS is in Michigan..

ValveKing is a popular choice - not bad for that budget.

If You can go used, try a Peavey Classic 30

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I'm guessing US since the TS is in Michigan..

didn`t see his location under his username sry.

solid state - peavey bandit

tube - peavey valveking, or blackstar ht5, peavey windsor studio
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also you probably didnt realize but you're in the wrong section.

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