Well, after several months of failed attempts to get someone to collaborate with me for the bass in this song, I decided to borrow a bass cover I found on Youtube that was audio only of the bass line (it was obvious, however, that whoever put this together dubbed over the tricky solo bass licks with the actual Rush recording). I started to learn the bass, but now have come to admit defeat on this one, at least for now. The only part that is me on the bass is during the bass pedal section at the break-down close to the end. So here I am playing the drums, guitar, and keyboards for YYZ.

1. you double posted these so you're probably going to get reported
2. not bad, but I found too many spots where the guitar and drums were not in sync - having said that since you recoreded it all on your own, probably wont get much better then that so good job
3. RUSH rules, and so does this song

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