I am the guitarist for a nu metal band, As Silent As Its Shadow. Our band members are me, Jordon Sandoval. I am a senior at Gladewater High School and I play saxophone in band. Justin Smith, also a senior at GHS, plays guitar as well. Justin Rodriguez, aka JR, is our singer, and he has a beautiful voice. He is leaving for the Air Force November 2009. Our drummer, well, we're between drummers at the moment. Our bassist...well our bassist could be you. Message us at the band's myspace, As Silent As Its Shadow, or at wvumak@yahoo.com
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Liking the cosmic toad vocals is a sign of exquisite taste, so good on you!
Texas nu metal??
What about Conway Twitty for a bassist? :P
oh he's dead yea..
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its not texas nu metal. lol we're a nu metal band from texas :P