i'ma metalhead (metallica, megadeth, iron maiden). i already know avenged sevenfold/ lamb of god songs. what are some other good ones to play in drop d?
I Cum Blood.
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This has been done a million times, under advanced search you can select specific tunings.
What the **** is Drop D

I only know Drop C.
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All Nightmare Long, and, The Thing That Should Not Be, are two Metallica songs that asre played in drop D.
Smoke on the Water
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betrayed by a7x.. my fav song to play.. or 90% of a7x songs, they damn fast too.

edit: missed the u already know a7x songs.
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jimmybanks youre a genius

check this song out br00tals
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Everything by Billy Talent

Improved my playing so much
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Like someone said, everything by Billy Talent.

Their guitar play has a very nice style.

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Is it that hard to find a song in drop d? Pick a random 5 songs on your ipod now find out their tunings. Hopefully one is in drop d.
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I Cum Blood.

Thats actually in Eb.

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