Hey guys, I was looking for some suggestions for new pickups. I'm modifying my BC Rich Warbeast Bloodbound and I love the pickups I have in it right now, but I want a more edgier and fatter tone. I'm trying to stray away from Active pickups, as I've had EMG 81/85s before and I wasn't a fan of them. I play music like Paul Gilbert, Human Abstract, and Symphony X...Thanks!
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Modified BC Rich Warbeast Bloodbound
Stagg Acoustic/Electric
Epiphone SG Special(currently being modified)
Line 6 Spider II 120 Watt 4x12 Combo
Boss Overdrive
You don't need new pickups, you need a new amp. Pickups simply aren't much of a factor your tone when you're using a cheap modelling amp.
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