Eventually ill have enough information I can quit asking about stuff and help out more!

but for now, im looking for that rich metal tone from a b52 AT 112..

I run bass at about 2:00 mid at 0 and treble at about 1:00.
contour on 0 and gain about 3/4 up if not a little more.

now I like mids but this amp sounds a bit heavier without them, so I run a fish and chips eq into the effects loop and add a bit of mid frequency there. sounds pretty good, I finally have some tone after coming from the MG camp.

I am looking to hear from others who use this amp. what are your high gain settings?

Wish I could afford to replace the b52 speaker with a vintage 30

I have a somic maximizer and a floor pod plus that im not using right now as well..