I've got an Ibanez SZR520 and i want to put some new humbuckers on with a richer clean tone but with more of a heavy grunt when distorted. So i was thinking of buying some Gibson pickups. But i don't want to fork out £50 on them untill i know i can install them without wrecking the guitar. Any help would be appreciated.
The Ultimate Wiring Diagram thread (Found through the GB&C Central Hub that's stickied at the top) has all the information needed on how to re-wire pickups, showing wiring diagrams, and also the colour codes for different companies.
Also, Gibson's tend to have overpriced pickups. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, but want a huge amount of quality, check out Iron Gear pickups. Incredible.
Brilliant thanks i'll check them out.
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