So I've been teaching myself sweep picking and have checked out most of the lessons and videos around the UG site. Most have been very helpful and I feel like I'm on my way to being satisfactory sweeper with more practice. However, I seem to be having one issue that isn't covered anywhere.

While sweeping, I'm getting a lot of residual ringing from open strings after I remove my fingers. Essentially, it feels like a pull off to the open note. Does anyone have any advice on how I can minimize this extra noise and produce a clean sweep sound?
Start slower again, but focus on getting your fingers clear from the strings without pulling your fingers in a downward motion, because i think you're pulling your fingers down before you clear the string with your finger. Even though it is poor technique, you can palm mute as you do it, that quietens the ringing.
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Wow. Thanks for the quick reply. That sounds like good advice. I have a tendency to rush and like to play things fast, so I'll make sure I slow down and get the technique right.
the trick is to roll your palm with your hand while you sweep. basically your palm should roll down to mute the string behind the one you are hitting through the sweep on the way up. on the way down i think you will find your strings tend not to ring as much anyway
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yepp the palm muting works
uh well from what everyone says do your sweeps on clean tone till perfection then switch to distortion..i find all the sweep lesson on ug are great..very helpful
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