Hey guys, out of shear boredom I was just wondering who your favorite technical guitarists are and who you think is the best one...sorry if this has been done, I'm listening to Liquid Tension Experiment, so it got my mind goin haha....thanks, have fun!
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Petrucci is a beast.

I think Steve Vai is my favourite technical guitarist.

Cesar Huesca and GGuerra are also very good.
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Steve Vai
Michael Angelo Batio
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Muhammed Suicmez of Necrophagist is a freak when it comes to technicality. Too bad I can't stand to listen to death metal.
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Luc Lemay.

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cant pick between michael angelo batio, rusty cooley, john petrucci, and john 5.

petrucci and john 5 are my favs so far as just like casual listening goes but michael angelo batio and rusty cooley are just so damn fast lol not that the other two arent though.
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Thomas Erak


thats what immediately came to mind at first reading the thread title
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Easily Guthrie Govan. The man combines colossal technical ability with a highly sophisticated sense of composition and note placement. Sadly, the man has only one solo record. Bloody Guthrie needs to hole up and record 50 more albums <_<
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The most technically proficient guitarist I know of would probably be Shawn Lane just for his insane speed. Also T.J. Helmerich for his 8 finger typing style and Jason Becker for being a beautiful composer and technically astounding guitarist. When I'm in the mood I also enjoy Satch, Vai, Petrucci, Gilbert etc. but sometimes I just need something that strays from that traditional rock sound and Buckethead is really good for that.
I like them all, but as for the most technical Shawn Lane or Guthrie Govan, check them out if you haven't they are both phenomenal guitarists and musicians.