Could anyone advise me please on what settings to use to get a sort of clean, but loud and distorted tone? I have a line 6 pocket pod, and a tele, but the most i have so far is a semi-clear sound but still a lot of noise going on. As a reference, I'm sort of ideally hoping to get an R.E.M. Monster era type sound - like you would hear in the first few chords of 'Whats the Frequency Kennth.'

Thanks for your help
Ya but you might need a higher output pickup on it's own to get that you want
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so ill have to put them into the guitar manually? not so keen on fiddling with the guitar electrics. any other ways?
You can probably tweak your Pod into giving you that, they're pretty versatile. Maybe the pocket pods not so much...but.

Anyways, try bridge pickup, gain around 5 to 6, but roll back some volume from the guitar and turn volume up a little at the Pod/Amp.
Thanks... basically at the moment i have 'classic' amp setting on, drive quite high, bass and mid at about 5, and volume full on the guitar, which may be the problem. While were on the subject of the pocket pod, anyone else find the knobs go tight after a couple of weeks of use?
Try rolling off some vol from the guitar to alleviate the force of the sound a little. Maybe a little less or more mids will help you too. Fiddle til you get something you like.
Yeah I will....thanks for the help. I'll probs have to change it again once I restart playing through an amp again when it gets back from fender.