The RG is better quality, but it's basswood, which might not be great for your music depending on your style. The pickups are also mid-output so plan on changing them too.
ibanez with a pup swap will decimate the schecter. better build quality, comes with a case, good trem, amazing neck, thinner neck, better fret access.

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but i dont think i can pay any more for it to swap out parts...the $500 is basically running me dry
get the Ibanez, save a little bit after you buy it and then swap the pickups... Schecter necks are like baseball bats, but you may like it.
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Schecter here, i have one of the newer prestige's and that one tops em all but of the two here, id go with schecter, i have to hellraiser v, with the coil tap emgs....but the older hellraisers dont have the coil tap, but here..schecter
Dude, the Ibanez is worth it, pickup change or not.

It wastes the schecter hands down, especially a prestige. I friggin wish I could get one of those for 500$. Schecters feel like baseball bats.

The stock Ibanez pickups are decent, and they'll last a while, you just might wanna change em after a few months or a year.
The Ibanez is the better guitar, IMO. Very different feeling guitars, though, have you played examples of both?
the thin bolt-on Wizards kick ass, the Schecters are a bit more chunky but still very nice.

The basswood will not be an issue. The pups shouldn't be that big of a deal either, but they aren't as good as Seymour Duncans or Dimarzios.

It really comes down to choice because Ibanez and Schecter are VERY different types of guitars.
ibanezs have the best necks yes, but ive been pretty much where u are now, schecter is nice
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ok, im gonna play metallica, slipknot, and disturbed. i currently HAD a fender strat, and i dont really mind the neck but i could definately go with a thinner one as well

seems like schecter is the solid guitar, and ibanez id have to put a bit more into it..which i really cant do
MIJ Ibanez are worth investing since they keep their value relatively well compared to MIK/MII shecters. Try similar guitars to see which neck you like. I have no beef with either and like my c-1 neck alot. I just like my rgs' neck more since i dont have to think about playing when i play
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You don't have to swap out the pups immediately. You can always do that at a later time. They're similar to PAF Pros. They're really good (they're Dimarzio OEM models which means they're made by Dimarzio in the Dimarzio factory but built specifically for Ibanez for a certain sound), but lack output. The newer comparable RGs are $1500. It's a beautiful guitar. The white finish has gold sparkles in it and the pickguard is like a maroon color when light is on it. But it's like a smokey white mirror when light isn't directly on it. The inlays can only be seen in certain angles. The RG is the better guitar (build quality and value), but it may not be the best for metal. I'm sure you can make it good for metal though.
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my friend said that the schecter is really the better option as its got better pickups, and is better for the lead metal sound. the ibanez is better for the rythum
Completely backwards. Basswood is one of the best lead woods because it cuts through the mix very will. That's why people like Vai, Satch, Petrucci, EVH, and Gilbert play basswood guitars. I would say that basswood lacks in the rhythm department. The Schecter doesn't have better pickups, they're just very different.
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Ibanez are WAY better for leads considering they have a thinner neck and better fret access. if you have your action set right you can just shred
Ibanez definately man. I don't have an Ibanez, I actually have a Schecter. All I know is that I've played prestige's and they blow all the schecter's I've ever played out of the water. And like others have said, It will keep its value.
Go for the schecter, it has a thicker neck = better tone, and your hand won't cramp as easy as if you were playing a wizard neck. In my opinion it's more classy than the ibanez, and heck of alot more durable. Mahogany>Basswood
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