Hello All. This is my first post so sorry if it's unconventional in any way.

I like to jam on my guitar with different people and to different music types but the one type of music that always has me flumoxed is electronic music. I think the main reason for this is that I've heard very little electric guitar in electronic music.

I don't want to trawl all through youtube trying to find House, R n B, Hip Hop and Pop etc. music with the hope of finding a guitar part, so I was wondering if anyone here can suggest a song or a band that includes electric guitar. To demonstrate what I mean (and the limit to my knowledge in this area) I'll give you the only three songs I can think of myself:

Voodoo People - The Prodigy
Fit But You Know It - The Streets
24 - Jem

Additionally, if anyone can spare any advice on how to go about jamming to electronic music I would be very grateful to receive it. Thanks to all that answer!
Sound Tribe Sector 9, The Disco Biscuits, Lotus, and Particle are all electronic artists that have guitarists. Umphrey's McGee would also be worth mentioning for certain songs, although in general they are more prog rock.
Satellite Anthem Icarus by Boards of Canada

well actually it's acoustic.

I think its hard to find guitar in electronic music because electronic is more about atmosphere and, quite simply, sound.

Guitar is all about being in your face, with riffs and solos, so its use is limited in that style.

I think.
well pendulum have a guitarist.

so do mindless self indulgence..alot of their music is electronic/techno ish
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Never heard of Buckethead? he plays guitar to make it sound electronic.
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Billy Corgan's solo album The Future Embrace has plenty.

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Thanks for all your suggestions! I'll definitely be watching and listening to every one of them! Thanks again.
Cool thread, I'll also be checking them out. I'd love to get involved with some cross genre stuff when I move to Uni very soon. Though personally I don't like Pendulum at all.
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Guitar is all about being in your face, with riffs and solos, so its use is limited in that style.

It really doesn't have to be limited to that at all
Portishead, Nightmares on Wax, Odd Nosdam, newer Boards of Canada (Dayvan Cowboy in particular), The Chemical Brothers, Telefon Tel Aviv, Squarepusher too if you play electric bass. There's a lot more too.

The only thing is that since electronic music has never really been about showiness (well, except maybe IDM, but that's not as much showy as micromanagement of a track) the electric guitar parts might be very simple and atmospheric, and depending on your point of view, boring to play.
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When we have nothing to do in my music theory class, this one guy plays pop and R&B songs on a piano and I solo over them. It's not that hard, you just have to find the right key.