hope this helps those are the first 2 shapes u learnt and from there u can lengthen them by adding some notes to the lower strings
B---------------13-----------------13----- and repeat
Randall RM100/Basson Cab
DBX166XL/BBE Sonic Maximizer
Boss NS-2, sCream Cheese 2.0 OD, Zakk Wylde wah
Custom Epiphones
Monster Cables
Awe-in-One picks..and more
I was poking around with it and I noticed that it had one fairly strange issue. Although an attacker is not allowed to know if the page was there or not (only if it was allowed to see the content or not), the attacker is still allowed to make an initial request. In doing so that initial request can be used as a pseudo “ping” sweep. You can tell if the site is there or not because it will either return immediately (latency and threading applies) or it will wait around much longer (between 20-75 seconds on the several networks I’ve run this on) before the browser gives up. That timing difference is pretty substantial - and as a result you can enumerate a substantial amount of internal address space behind the victim’s firewall and relatively quickly. I created a demo here (works only in Firefox 3.5+ and you must enable JavaScript globally for this to work). It won’t work if you just whitelist ha.ckers.org you have to globally allow JavaScript if you use Noscript for the demo to work - and you must disable ABE in Noscript as well.
nipple cover
hand knitted baby clothes