Hey UG,

I am saving up for a Peavey Valveking becuase I want a nice decent sized tube amp. I currently own a Line 6 Uber Metal distortion pedal but I am not sure if a distortion pedal sounds good through the amp. I was thinking of getting a TS808 anyway after I get the amp. Should I just go ahead and sell this pedal and put that money towards the amp?

I play everything basically, Heavy Metal, Blues, Jazz. But the main genre I play is Blues such as Gary Moore or Tony Rombola stuff so I don't need anything too heavy. I am guessing that the Uber Metal would be too much for that anyway?

If there is anything I left out, comment.

Yeah, I was reading up on the Valveking thread that you should replace it at some point, what speaker should I get?
Alright, yeah, I was thinking of getting the MXR EQ after the OD. But I will also look into the tubes, thanks again for all the help.