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Your Bedroom Floor

God I love your honesty
Your brutal, brutal honesty
I left you on the bedroom floor
But now all the reasons lost to me

God I miss your tapestry
Black curtains causing travesty
Ending in catastrophy
Fuck me with your blasphemy

"Where did all the tension go?"
I'll be honest... I don't know
Breathe your scent
Just touch a little
Stroke your back right up the middle
Your eyes have dilated so much more
As I sit with my back
Against the door
"How long have you been waiting for?"
Since I left you on your bedroom floor.

Damn Regret

I've never felt so alone, and I'm the one that left you,
And it's only your past, that won't let me get you,
It's only your love, that won't let me forget you,
And some days I wish, that I never met you,

You never gave up, and you still want me back,
After all this time, I'm considering that,
Cause without you I'm free, but I'm not happy at all,
I have time to talk, but now you don't call,

So shake me awake, I made your heart break,
Make me believe, that I want to stay,
I'll make you believe, that I wasn't fake,
You're all the lessons, I learned on the way.


It starts to get dark, my eyes grow bigger
Your heart grows bigger, but grows darker
The rain jumps from the clouds
In the end, we all just jump...

The wind blows wild
I am wild and your hit blows me
Arms flailing in the dark
Until one day you strike my heart

The drugs are pure, purer than your heart
I never knew what it was like to be alone
To be scared of the round table
The faces looking
Your pure, tainted face...
And I see behind your mask

We're all born on the tallest building
We learn to climb, and we slowly make our way
Down. Down. Down. Slowly each day
No one ever makes it all the way
In the end, we all just jump...