SO right now im really thinking about starting my band ... and i had an idea of a great band name .. ( personal of couse )

i have register it to bandname.com with my name city , genre etc.. it cost 12 $

is this worth anything .????? if someone came and take the name of the band ???

Would you register something in advance ???.. knowing it might be taken in 1 years when the full band will be set up ???
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Yeah, man. Just think of another one if someone has already taken it.

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make a myspace. makes it more official.

PM me about logos and merch

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It is possible that someone could use your band name despite you registering it but the site is designed to protect you from being sued whilst giving you the option to sue someone who steals your name. For instance if your band hit it big, a smaller band that has the same name might try to sue you, claiming that the name was theirs first in the hope of pinching some of your earnings. Registering your band name gives you proof of the date from when you started using the name. By the same token if someone steals your name and you would like them to stop you have the same proof to say it was mine first now change your name.

12 dollars for registery? money well spent IMO