I have a B-52 AT-112, I really want a better tone, it seems like I can't get it to sound like any bands I like. I'd like a tone for All That remains, Atreyu, Parkway Drive, etc.
What pedal can I get for this, will it make that much of a difference?

My settings now are
gain 7
base 9
mid 10
treble 7
contour 10
low res 10
reverb 4
note-there aren't any rectifier settings or w/e with the 112

I'm using a Damien-6 with 2 Blackouts pickups

turn the mids down a bit brah.
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Hey bud, you should never ever max any knobs, especially on a tube amp. Cept volume lol.

Try turning all fo your knobs to noon and go from there.

I always thought you needed to chop a bit of mids for that metal tone, but I guess metal core needs more of a mid rangy tone.

Also, lose all of the contour and low res, and try and leave it neutral except to FINE TUNE your tone. don't rely on it.
I didn't usually have mids that high, usually like 5 but I was searching UG and people were saying ATR has there mids like that :\
I've done all that but I always thought contour sounded better all the way up, not so appealing to me when it's down :S
as for low res I can't tell a difference...hmm
If you're looking for a large plethora of metal tones in a pedal then I would go with the Digitech TL-2 from the Hardwire series.
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Gain: 7
Bass: 8
Mids: 5
Treble: 6
Contour: 6
Low Res: 7
Reverb: 4

That with some sort of tubescreamer will do you fine. Keep the mids at 5 if you use a tubescreamer because they have a huge mid hump, but they tighten up your sound very well.