Within the next week and a half, i may be getting a Schecter Omen Extreme-5, and a Roland Micro Cube RX bass amp for only $550 in total. Have any of you tried these products? I very briefly had a moment to try these, but not enough to decide for myself.
I've never played an Omen, but I've played a variety of Schecter Stilettos, and none of them disappoint.
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Ive played a few Stilettos, never played an omen though ... i'll look up the differences sometime . Pretty great mid range priced basses though ... i'm not one for that orange though, shame really.

A guitarist friend of mine has a micro cube for a practice amp, its pretty sweet for how small it is and its got tons of effects and stuff ... pretty useless for anything but a by yourself bedroom kinda situation though.
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