Well I'm thinking about sanding my old bass and lacquering the wood. Problem is, the bass is a bc rich warlock, and I'm afraid the wood will look like ****. The bass has sat in my closet for years, and recently I pulled it out and decided to defret it, that turned out nice. The bass has some use now. I do have experience refinishing guitars, I've swirled an Epiphone and stained/lacquered a strat copy. So yeah, I just don't know what to expect the body to look like after sanding it down.
only one way to find out.
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If its agathis is going to be pretty boring, and probably made of a few different pieces.



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Absent Mind is, as usual, completely correct.

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Worst case scenario you just repaint it. Absent Mind is probably right, but you could have a gem. Go for it.
If it's a cheaper BC, it'll have agathis. But yeah, if it does look like ass when you sand it down, just finish it with a solid color instead of a see-thru.
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