I have a Highway 1 fat strat (HSS) and I wanted to put some Lace pickups in, which are the "bluesiest", for example, the tone on SRV's "I'm Cryin'"? Tried Texas Specials and they were nice, but there was a slight something missing.
yeah im not a big fan of em either. they give you a little extra output but the mids are a bit harsh to my ears. try out the dimarzio true velvets. i have two of em and a dimarzio FRED in my fat strat and the velvets give you the definitive strat sound with a little more output but without the brittle stabby highs commonly associated with single coils that are hotter than vintage strat equipment. the fred compliments the tonality of a maple/maple/alder guitar as well. as for the laces i think they sound great in a way because theyre extremely clear and have a pretty focused output but they do sound a bit sterile and compressed to some, kind of like how an emg81 would compare to a similar but passive pickup.
PM CorduroyEW, he makes pickups as well and may be able to wind you some at a reasonable price.