Ok so my friend wants to sell me a washburn guitar for $80.

It's only $80. It was probably a cheap guitar to start off with but i'm thinking 80 bucks why not?

I don't exactly what guitar it is yet. I have to ask him soon. All i know is that it's a Washburn.

Should I do it or no?
Washburn = eh usually. but it all depends. i'd have to know the model before i made that call for ya.
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
Yes, If it isn't permanently damaged to the point of no return. I'd go for it like I did for my ES-335 copy that I bought 10 days ago for the same price - $80.
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itd be funny if the guy who is selling it is the same guy who wants to figure out how to convince his mom to let him buy a epi lp
For 80 bucks ya why not? Even if its not the best guitar it might be fun to mod or have something to bust up later on :P
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It all depends on what condition and what model Washburn it is. I see a lot of "Washburns" on Craig's list that turn out to be Lyon by Washburn guitars. These usually sold in department stores and music stores like Sam Goody. They don't suck but they are fairly cheap. I have A Washburn KC-70V that is not bad at all and a Lyon Scott Ian sig guitar I got at Sam Goody that I like. The Lyon really surprised me I got it for 90% off the original price because Sam Goody was going out of business so I paid a ridiculously low price of $20.00.

Go try it out and see if it's decent enough to pay $80.00 and give him a low ball offer of 40 or 50 bucks and see if he bites. It can't hurt to negotiate, I do it all the time and so far I have never paid close to the asking price of any guitar. You just have to be willing to walk away from ma deal if they won't work with you.