iv been here for the same project many times and you guys have been giving me the best advice i needed
now my new problem is the pot/ knob set upright now the bass has a humbucker, split p, and a jazz bridge pickup set up. what in gods name can i get for knobs to accomidate this. i wanted somthing like the knobs on my p bass special with the blen knob to switch pickups and i absolutely LOVE the treble & bass boost/cut stacked knobs. so my question is this...if i have room for 3, if need be 4, knobs how can i get them wired to work with the pickups. please PLEASE any ideas would be help, i almost sold my telecaster bass stuff on ebay because i couldt figure this out. and if you need any other info on anything ask. i just desprately need help
Telecaster bass :
[x]jazz pup
[x]split p pups
[ ]finish/paint