I have one dynamic microphone already (Shure PG48) If you had to suggest one other microphone to record a wiiide range of instruments from drums to piano to guitar to horns to hand drums to acoustic guitar....and so on....what would you suggest?
Condenser Microphones. Take a lot of sound and picks all of it up pretty well depending on levels, how many things etc. Most other things are pretty specialized.
I would recommend any omni-directional condenser microphone.
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A drum set with just an SM57?

kinda looking for an all purpose that will give me decent recordings of drums and all other instruments. Drums is the toughie though.
how much are you looking/willing to spend, and what mic pres are you using?

on a budget, the rode nt2a is pretty nice. multi-pattern condenser with a couple of HPFs and a couple of built-in pads for 400USD new. see if you can't get a matched set. if you're looking to spend even less, the AKG C1000 isn't that bad, and is a fair bit cheaper.

you're going to have a lot of trouble miking up drums with mics that you want to be good for everything else, too.
Rode Nt 1-A great mic although it will be difficult to do drums with one mic and expect great results.
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There is no such thing. Get a condenser though. It will fit most your needs.
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