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To avoid a massive thread, only post here if your name is shared by less than 10,000 people.

I'm Safwan, and there's 139 people in the US that share my first name. 149 people with my last name. And no one shares my full name.

It's a rare name worldwide, mind.

EDIT: Do post your first names in this thread, otherwise ****'s just numbers.
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Well my name is Joe but I live in London where everyone's named Mohammed. So pretty rare.
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4 with mine.

Beat that!



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No one has my full name, except for me.

There are 241,466 people with my first name in the United States.
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It gave me 0 that good?
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I share first name with 4 ppl and 0 with full name.


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Momie's like not even a real person, just an asian, lesbian spirit.
My name (Thomas Harris) is probably one of the most common names in America
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Well, my name is shared with 145,250 people, BUT, there are 2 people with the name "Aaa", 4 people with the name "Windows", and 5 people with the name "Shit".
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I share my name with 4 people in the world. 1 of which lives with me.
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No one has any combination of my full name, and there are 1,306 people with my first name. In USA, which is not where I live.
People with my first name all live in Texas apparently

Nobody shares my full name
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57 people in the entire U.S.

must be because of the weird spelling

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3 people other than me in NJ with my full name and 25 in the US.
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11 people in the US have my name.

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I share my first name with uh... 3,157 people. Full name with 6 people
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"There is 1 person with the name "Galen Huggins" in the United States"
thats me!
"There are 12,592 people with the first name "Galen" in the United States."
"There are 18,131 people with the last name "Huggins" in the United States"
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398 people share my full name.
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7,507 people with my first name
26,543 with my last

0 Results for my first and last name together. Beat that, bitches.
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There are 3 people with my full name in the US, but 39,164 with my first name. My name, Evan, isn't in the top 100 most common male names in the country. Whoo?
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My first name is shared by millions of people (David is #5)

My last name is shared by millions of people (The only state where the popularity is in "red" is in the state I live in..go figure)

So there's probably a couple thousand people with the same exact name as me in the US alone..

EDIT: There is almost a 100 people with the same name as me in Massachusetts..time to start a Boston riot full of me's!

And remember, when it says "one other person"..that usually means "nobody". It just says that because there's always a possibility of someone being born within that second that you looked. It just says that because it has to
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Only one person other than me share my full name in the US.
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There are 651 people with my name (Kenneth Murray) in the US. Not really that surprising, since both are fairly common, especially among people of Scottish and Irish descent.

And I knew there was at least one more, since I'm named after my father.
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