In a hurry, so I'm going to be very simple here.

Warm, bassy single-coils that sound like single-coils for a tele.
Not overpriced.
Something I can pick up at GC since I get a 20% employee discount there for working t a store they own.
Low-medium output.

Budget; $150 or less.

Thinking Lace Sensors or Texas Specials, but wanted UG's thoughts.

No brand preference, though noiseless is nice if it doesn't kill too much tone.

Edit; Recommendations for a strat would also be appreciated since my strat, still having MIM standard pickups, could definitely use a change too.

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texas specials are nice. i played a jap tele with them and if was much warmer then the stock pickups but also also that tele jangle floating around too. i thought they were excellent.