i have a wah, a filter, a distortion, an overdrive with 3 band eq, a chorus, 2 delays, and another distortion that i use as a volume boost to a second amp.

specifically, in order: behringer hellbabe(yeah, i might upgrade this someday), subdecay prometheus, subdecay black star, subdecay supernova drive, ibanez bi-mode chorus, ibanez de7, digitech digidelay, boss ds-1

oh, i also have a boss rc-20 loop station, but i don't have it in the chain. i also have a big muff pi coming in the mail.

any suggestions?
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maybe an analog delay?
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Phasers and ring modulators.

Or you could sell off what you don't use for a profit.
I would say you need more pedals if you cant get the sound you want with the ones you have. I bought a bunch of pedals one time. But it was way more than I needed for my original music, so I sold most of them. I personally only need an overdrive, delay, and chorus for my sound. Pretty simple for me. I like to be straight forward with my set up. I use them on every song. Theres always phasers/flangers to explore. different types of delay, etc.
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