Well, it's getting close enough to retube time for my VK that I'm doing some heavy research. I've come across KT-66s, which I know are a substitue for 6L6s. I've read they sound, in a word, huge. So, will I have any problems if I drop them in like any old 6L6s?
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The problem here is space really. KT66 are much larger and might not fit. Just look here:

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Ask Cap or Jason in the VK thread. I think it takes some extensive modding of the circuit board but I don't remember the specifics.

I'm fairly sure there's someone in the VK thread who has or had KT66es in their VK112. The only thing is that he removed the metal shield surrounding the power tubes.
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I don't think there is room, now you might be able to put two on the outside with 6l6's in middle.
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