Hey guys,

I play in a band called Machina Caelestis which is Latin for Machine of the Gods. We're based out in Norcross, GA and are looking to hit the studio later this fall.

You can listen to us here: www.myspace.com/machinacaelestis

At the time of recording it was just me and our drummer, but we have improved a lot since then

If you like what you here feel free to get in touch. Also, we are open to different vocal types.
If it tickles and doesn't burn, it's ok.
Hey. My band is based out of Duluth, which is right next to you guys, we should team up on some shows or something. www.myspace.com/pathstohonor

I know free bassist, but we just kicked him out and he is a royal douche. There is a singer I know that fits your style but he works a lot so he might not be able to do it. Just add my band on myspace and ill ask around and let you guys know.

I live in Kennesaw, and Im a vocalist, and I own a bass, but im a lead guitarist, I used to play bass tho in my high school orchestra
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