I bought a dean a couple weeks ago, and i started noticing my back pickups had almost no distortion or volume compared to the neck pickups. Is there something wrong i checked to see how high they where set and the bridge is set higher (much higher) than the neck so whats the problem?.
By the way i have dean db razorback with 2 dimebuckers i think.
and just to be sure when the pickup selector is set to the top that's the neck pick up right
thanks i really appreciate it.
Usually if its a wiring issue, you would hear no sound at all or it would cut in and out, so I'm guessing that is not your problem. Unless - are they active pickups? Then its possible that the neck is getting power, and the bridge is not. To be sure, open up the panel and look at the wiring to the pickups, pots, and pickup selector switch. If anything is loose, resolder it.
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if dimebuckers are coil-tapable, as most good humbuckers are, then the wrong wire might be taken to the switch, a perma-tap. Take a look under the hood (the back cover) and see if you can trace the pickup wires, there will be five smaller wires coming out of them, two should be twisted off and taped up, one should go to ground with a bare wire, one should go to the switch or a volume pot. look to see if the wire colors on the two sets go to the same places, I think with Dimebuckers it's the black wire goes to the switch or volume pot, but dont quote me on that. I would bet that the tap wire is soldiered to the pot or switch.
ive got a dimebucker and it is coil tappable, though it doesnt seem like a pup that would come setup for that from the factory. look at your knobs and follow this diagram. its probably how your dean is setup. unless you bought it used?

here's what it would look like if it was wired for coil tapping. the push-pull pot can be the tone or volume pot. it doesnt matter.

just make sure the wires are going where they should be and let us know

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