Wow, that was really good.
At first I didn't think your vocalist was doing an outstanding job, but by the end i was very pleased.
The only thing that really lets it down is the recording quality. But other than that, very nice.
Are you guys just gonna be a Led Zeppelin cover band or are you gonna sart writing your own material?
Awesome track! Well Done.

o and btw don't bother commenting on any of my stuff :P i only have one song on my UG profile and its just me fiddling with some effects over some very basic stuff

Keep Rocking, Liam.
Thanks a lot!

We'll be recording original songs soon, we just wanted to record this one first, because we all loved it.

Make sure you let me know when you record something or you need a review!
Recording quality isn't too great, especially with the drums. Drums are notoriously difficult to record, try finding websites that explain how to get a good sound.

Guitars sound good, a little too much distortion on them though. Listen to Zeppelin, Page usually does not put a whole lot of distortion on his guitars. The solo should be higher in the mix. Solo is very well played. Vocalist is very cool.

Nice work overall, the main problems are with the recording, not the playing.

crit me? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1208680
Very Good!!!
my crit is above snare drum,, its so loud and treble, but overall, great work