Im looking for a metal that will spark when i scrape it against the concrete or asphalt.
i shouldn't have to scape it hard, i need it as im working for a haunted house next month and i want it for effects. I saw some guy with it and i asked him but he has no idea what it is or anything. Could be Titanium but im not sure. Of course many metals can create sparks when struck against the ground but you need to hit it real hard.
Like those Tail Devils that people stick on their skateboards, if you dont know what it is click here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJF5LoixFQE

Any idea what it is or where i can get it ? thankss!!
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Pretty sure I'm wrong but first thing that came to my mind was Magnesium. It burns intense white in a flame, atleast.

Doesn't it also react with moisture to create said intense flame?

Big chunk of flint should work nicely
burning a strip of magnesium would look cool in the dark, but it could actually blind you.
I dont think it can be flint since i think flint can only create sparks when struck against steel or a metal. Also Flint supossely doesnt wear out easily and those tail devils wear out after a while. ive had one
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No, that's sodium

Ahh, ok. Guess I should have stayed awake in that class.
Use a piece of quartz on a piece of flint if you want the best sparks, or just get a bunch of magnesium and light it with an oxy torch. Make sure you stare directly at it, it will start making nice sparks.
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