How ya doin, im new to the forum and hope to stick around!

I have a dilemma, if anyone could help shed some light on this it would be much appreciated...

i have a prs with mahoganny body/neck and rosewood fingerboard, floating trem bridge...

the clean tone sounds great, really nice - the problem is i hardly ever use it!
when i use my distortion channel and sound to thick and muddy, no highs and sounds compressed...
hard to explain, like if i palm mute it sound like, whoom whoom, instead of chk chk.

It came with HFS/vintage bass pups, I've tried lawrence l500's that i had laying around, they sounded thin and piercing, symour duncan invaders roll off the highs way too much, sounds is....ook... when my amps on 11!

i want this kind of sound

like a sharp edgy/twangy single coil tele sound, or a 72 deluxe sound... not so damn bluesy...

should i give p90's a go?

Or should i give up and sell the thing!?

I bought it because it feels amazing to play and looks hot, i've dreamed of having it for years!

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It might help if you told us what amp(s) you have.
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I'm guessing your amp (whatever it is) is the problem, not the guitar. HFS pickups can be bright and edgy with the right settings, but no pickups can overcome a crappy amp.
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It's because of your amp, not your guitar.
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I have an Egnater Tourmaster 4100, i'm certain that's not the problem, tele's sound great through it...

roll tone volume

that does head in the right direction, but i only have to nudge it and it turns tinny.
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Bass at about 7,
Treble about 6,
Mid about 6,
Presence about 7.

tried playing around with the pickups..
raise up the prescence, turn down the treble, notch up the mids
Ill give it a go when i get home thanks man
1. - You will Never get real single coil sounds from a humbucker.
2. - Try keeping the gain to a bare minimum.
Lower the bass?
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