After seeing the chubby vs. skinny debate, I got this creative idea. What would your amp settings look like as girls. If highs=bust mids=waist, and lows=hips. I was partially inspired by this one Peavey amp where the highs where hair, the mids were waist (I think) and the lows were bottom. They don't have to be hot. They can be complete eye rape, just keep their bodies proportional to your settings.

Example: my settings are Bass:8 Mids:8 Treble: 5
So I would probably be:

Dimebag would probably be something like this:

The same rules apply. No nipples, No genitalia, and if a porn site is referenced in the pic, black it out with MS Paint or something.

I know this is probably the dumbest thread ever, but I'm bored and thought I'd make a humorous response to all the chubby vs. skinny flame wars going on in the pit.

Alright pit. amuse me.
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Edit: Oh I get it but I can't find a girl that matches mine >: |
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Mids at 6, Treble at 7, Bass at 6

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this should be interesting

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Dime that ****.

Ten all around.

That'd probably look something like this:

Pretty much everything around 6.
I will stand by all this drinking if it helps me through these days,
It takes a long time just to get this all straight.
That amp is the Peavey XXX Head. It's Bottom, Body, and Hair (Bass, Mids, Treble).

Mine are like...6, 4, 8. That's actually awesome for a girl! Pretty good sized butt, skinny, and very nice bewbs. I think my amp settings are like, Scarlett Johansson or something.
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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

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xD i have my mids on 10 and bass on about 8 with treble at about 5 or 6 but i put presence to about 8 so.. see pear chan in the chubby thread or maybe the cute redhead :p

edit: this one

She must sound as good as she looks.
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oh my god.. ohhh my gaawwwdd.... just, euwh.
I want to say:
Highs - 8.5

Mids - 8

Bass- 6 or 7

It's kind of hard to put it into numbers.
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Treble: 6.5

Mids: 5.5

Bass: 4.5

Fun thread.
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my settings are 6 for bass 5 for mids and 6 for treble.... thats like.... the perfect body shape.....
if ever there was an amp setting to fap to, well, that would be it.
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if ever there was an amp setting to fap to, well, that would be it.


I don't even know his settings, but his tone is pure sonic orgasm.
highs 8

mid 10 with 10db boost

low 5

so, very, very weird...

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Deluxe Reverb With Strat:

Bass: 5 Mids: N/A Treble: 8

if someone could find pics for these 3 that would be AWESOME, however it's going to be difficult because neither of my amps have mid knobs

EDIT: however my top boost channel boosts mids, so I'd estimate the Vox's mids are somewhere around 6
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Scooped Mids baby Scooped Mids

not really scooping sucks it fits Lolo Ferarri tho

i am 6505 and basically everything is at 6....evil
carvin v3....that thing is very complex i cant even remember what the settings are bit the mids are slightly lower because its mid heavy in tone.
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This thread makes guitarists look like enormous nerds.

That's alright though, cause I definitely agree with most of these
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Hmm let's see...hi 3.5 mid 7.5 lo 6

Now let's try to find a woman like that...

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