the verses are sung to the rhythm of the song titled "Just an Idea" on my profile
the chorus will be screamed over an overdriven explosion of sound

I was walking down the sidewalk
when I met a skeleton
He said "Hi, my name is Charon.
I'm your future and your friend."

Calm your nerves or they'll possess you
when you meet your living end
I asked God, "Why did I doubt you?
Can I quickly make amends?"

In the shadows of the corners of your true conscience
In the light within the dark held deep within
There's a man holding a dagger and a gold locket
He keeps your malice in the corner of his grin

God said, "Son, I cannot help you.
You're the only Savior here.
Jesus was a misconception.
Life is love, and death is fear."

If the soul is just a mirror, it's a vanity item
If the soul is just a mirror then God is dead
If the soul is just a mirror, it's a vanity item
Take the dagger, plunge it deep, kill Him dead

I awoke from summer's slumber
underneath a willow tree.
I stood, free from all the mythos
Life was over, God was me.
I want Super Saiyan abilities
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Screw me. I need to read this sober. The last lines really got me. I shall sober up and be back. As of 0240, I really dig this.
This piece is excellent. I sat here and thought about it for half an hour.. Very intriguing, very well written. Kudos.