I need some halp with squealies. I just cant move my pick in my fingers that fast. Also i need need help finding the perfect spot to hold on the pick. If you guys could help me out id be really grateful!
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This is a simple image of how to do them. Hold the pick somewhat like this, it honestly doesn't have to be too specific and they really aren't that difficult. I always feared them... then they just sort of clicked. Take this technique, and play around with it until you get it.

Hold the pick as shown (Choked up fairly high, small amount of pick showing), and as you pluck the string with the pick, kind of roll your thumb to just hit it, in one smooth picking motion. Not hard enough to mute it, but enough to limit the vibration, resulting in the high pitched squeal. Position between pickups is entirely dependent on the note and such. However, playing on the bridge pickup, i find it is possible to hit nearly all harmonics pretty well directly between the bridge/neck pickups. Once you start to hear them ring out, and can get them to work, you can play around with the position near pickups to find the 'sweet spot' that you're looking for. Don't give up, you'll get them.

Hope it helps, I had read many things like this before I learned them, but realized... that's all there really is to. Also, a video that somewhat taught me is by a user here on UG I believe, I will link it after the image.


Good luck.