So what is everyone's thoughts on this issue? Is illegal downloading wrong, or is it okay?

I'll just go ahead and put my opinion: I think it is okay just because bands AND record companies get money from more than just Cd sales. Bands themselves get money from contracts, live shows, and merch. record companies get money from CD sales, bands get VERY little from CDs. Record companies, however also get money from tons of other stuff.

Anther reason why I think it is okay is because not allowing illegal downloading is basically saying that if you like, say, Metallica, then you need to go out and buy all 12 albums(including S&M, Garage Inc., and Live Sh*T), which is almost $200 worthh of music. Now, I try not to download CDs illegally: If I really like the band or the particular album, I'll go buy it, and if I just want it to listen to, I'll at least try to see if a friend has the cd or some mp3s of it before I do anything illegal. So i'm not saying that it's okay to just go out and steal 1748373489392 dollars worth of music, I just personally think that record companies and the RCIA make a much bigger deal of this than it really is.

Especially since there is not enough conclusive evidence to prove that CD sales have decreased since the start of the P2P craze(some genres have sold more, others have sold less, people downloading them doesn't change the sales much. I'm just sayin, Metallica still sold over a million compiies of DM the day it came out despite like everyone downloading it for free, lol.)

So what are your thoughts on the issue?
I personally think it actually helps sales for the most part. If I discover a new band I want to at least listen to a few of their songs before I go spend my money on a cd. There are just too many bands that have one good song and the rest are crap. If I like a cd or a band though I'll definitely try to support them and buy it (and I never buy from Itunes anymore, it always seems to me like I don't actually own the music when I only have a digital copy).
Well as a musician on a musicians website.. I think it blows... Why would you ask people who are potentially trying to make it in the music industry.. Geez guys, what do you think about me stealing music..
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I think its great of both up and coming bands and established bands. THis gives up an coming bands a chance to get out there. And an example for an established band:
I downloaded 3 Rob Zombie songs,I liked them,bought 3 Rob Zombie Cds and just bought 3 tickets to go see him and on top of that I deleted the files that I had downloaded
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i just think punishment for downloading music, should be to buy all the songs downloaded which are like, a dollar each. that women that got fined like thousands of dollars a while ago only downloaded 25 songs which is nothing compared to teenagers that download regularly and probably never have owned a CD. however this is only my opinion on music, movies and everything else i think are fine to watch if you're streaming it. it's like not paying, to watch a crap quality version of the movie!
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I discover bands from it that I would never have listened to otherwise, and then I might buy a CD, a shirt, go to one of their shows, etc.
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Well as a musician on a musicians website.. I think it blows... Why would you ask people who are potentially trying to make it in the music industry.. Geez guys, what do you think about me stealing music..

the thing is: Bands themselves do not make money off CD sales unless they are on their own label. Bands make money off contracts and shows. That's why sub pop was in the crap hole for a long time: because they would give bands like $100,000 but no one would buy the albums.
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Speaking as a musician, I think it should be sharing should be ok.. Record companies had a place when there was no internet, because there was no other way for music to be effectively distributed. Now that times have changed it's time for the record companies to step aside and let musicians take things into their own hands. They just aren't necessary and it's out of pure greed that they are making such a stink over P2P sharing.

I do however think that piracy, that is, making profit off of someone else's work (which is effectively what record companies have always done) is wrong. If you didn't make it you have no right to sell it!
as someone who has personally stickied the Only Torrenting Help and Invite thread and post in it on a semi-regular basis, i strongly disapprove...
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