any advice or things i need to know before i start ripping frets out?

i basically wanna just de-fret the guitar, and where the frets were create visual frets after filling in the gaps, rather than the original freets so i can still play up the neck, but with the fretless sound

how will i fill these gaps, and what with specifically?

ive never seen or heard a fretless guitar before, only a bass - seemed like a cool project to perfom on a guitar equal to firewood

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It would make doing any chord a lot more difficult.

Edit: But, if you're hellbent on creating a fretless guitar using a guitar that = firewood, you could just use wood filler to fill in the gaps.
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using veneer works the best and looks nicer, but its a bit more time consuming. Wood filler works fine, if the guitar = firewood and your just experimenting with it.
i did this to a guitar
the wrong way
i filled the holes with crayon, then used a regular sanding block to even it out

what you should do is fill with epoxy then use a radiused sanding block
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