tell me what u guys and girls out there in internet-land think.


.. ..

Open the photo album in mind....

Wonderful memories you will find....

In the box all pain disappears....

And my new life some how seems weird....

Old friends and old places....

Great times and caring faces....

Wonderful feelings and emotions....

All flood my mind like vast oceans....


14 Lines of Love

They are blue and small

My life savers

Yet she is still my all

They never ask for favors

I'm still waiting for the call

They are everything I savor

She will always catch me before I fall

They will put my demons to sleep

I hope she never has to leave

They are here and will slowly creep

She is the only one that I can believe

They will destroy the pain that drives so deep

For her love I will achieve

But for her love I have been naïve



.. ..

memories or bad....

ok just dont be sad....

all the good....

if i could....

so can you....

is a poem brand new....

of my remedies....

for happy memories....


Blinding light....

I see a light

when looking at you

So very bright

like life a new

I see the beauty

I see the pain

Its most unusual

But not in vain

Completely free like
a dove

Entirely made of love

And what you must see

Is this light blinding me
I'm pretty sure this breaks a rule or two.
Read the rules.
I want Super Saiyan abilities
its alright.
it kinda gave me a fright.
but its still tight.
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