This is the actually the fourth time we played the song, i think, and the third recording (though i have it marked as the second). Started off straight up as "what key" "ok, lets go". Played it a few times, the first one was the only recording we liked for months, until i finally mixed down this version the other day. More in time, but none of us forgot any of our licks that we liked so much from the first. (wrote the above with the intention of direct linking, apparently you cant on this site. Go to Demolition Mkii...LINK ) We named the song after the key its in, D, so we would remember it the next time we went to play it...

ION, for the time being, as i go back forth a lot, takes a close second. That was actually the first song we ever did together, about two years, re-recorded over the summer (both these songs were recorded over the summer).

whats your favorite jam and the story behind it?

edit: and of course, any tips or suggestions you might have, im all ears.... whats left of them.

equipment for me was fender strat into fender hotrod deluxe. Big Muff and crybaby wah.
"If we were really professionals we'd hang the microphone from the chandelier." ~Bass player
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Pretty great jam, beginning made me laugh.

Unfortunately for me, I'm the only guy in a 20 mile-radius that knows any sense of musical theory, so jamming comes along a bit harshly.
theory? The bass player knows some theory, but everything i did was based on blues/minor pentatonic and i worked out from there... Always the most fun to just start playing and not over-think it anyway IMHO. The drummer knows as much theory as i do i think.

I actually didnt realize what we were saying in the begining till last night when i plugged into my computer, with the earbuds vice stereo... I do recall saying "derby" after he said "demolition"... but i didnt remember "ass" and "wrong key!"...
"If we were really professionals we'd hang the microphone from the chandelier." ~Bass player